The Story

When pursuing the idea of opening up his own business after college in 2013, Anthony (owner) thought long and hard about what he loved. What he came up with was a quick service restaurant. After working in several different restaurants throughout his college career, he realized that if there is one business he would open and have true passion for, it would be one that involves customer and food service.

After many months of research he found a cuisine that was beginning to take off in various parts of America as well as a few other parts of the world: Gourmet style grilled cheese sandwiches. He began to experiment with some recipes of his own, adding twists to this classic American comfort food. He then ran with this idea and knew that if he was ever going to have an opportunity at this career path it must be taken now.

He formed this company with his father (co-owner) Tony Leis and began searching for a location while building a business plan. Finally, almost two years later they stand here today opening their doors for business. Serving a delicious product in a fun, cozy atmosphere, they are watching their dream of owning their own business unfold in front of their eyes.


Location & Interiors

A.J’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese Shop is located on Main St. in the booming town of Bay Shore, N.Y.  The town is easily accessible by car, train, and bus.

We are directly across the street from one of the busiest churches in the area (St. Patrick’s Church) and we are also just a short drive from the ferry terminals that take passengers to and from the ever so popular Fire Island.

Our décor is one of a rustic feel with a modern twist. It’s a décor that invites people in and really represents the type of food that we specialize in.

We focus on serving fresh food quickly and efficiently & we offer  seating of around 20 seats. AJ’s will also deliver to anyone that falls within our local delivery zone!

Exceptional Service

The culture here is one that treats every customer as if they are now a part of our family. Our employees are encouraged to go above and beyond to satisfy every customer need.

We treat our employees as part of our team here at A.J’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese Shop and we hope that by doing so this will transpire down to them being joyful and energetic when they are dealing with our very important customers!


Menu & Style

  • Gourmet grilled cheese
  • Salads
  • Soups
  • Mac n’ Cheese
  • Many sides

We offer some other options in addition to our variety of different grilled cheese choices. Constantly adding soups of the day and new grilled cheese specials.

We strive to keep the menu lively and delicious!

Our Staff

Our counter staff is there to greet customers and keep everything running smoothly.

Our kitchen staff is very passionate about what they do and will always cook food that lives up to our great food reviews.

Our delivery drivers will go above and beyond to make sure that the food is delivered to our customers warm and in a timely manner.

Our staff works together as a team, no matter what the position, our goal is to have staff members who look forward to coming into work and enjoy what they do here.